Trail network Dietmannsried - Reicholzried:
  • Trail 1: Dietmannsried – Reicholzried Moos (Length: 8 km, easy, classic and skating)
  • Trail 2: Schorenmoss (Length: 6 km, easy, classic, skating sometimes possible)
  • Trail 3: Reicholzried – Heusteig (Length: 4,5 km, intermediate, classic, skating sometimes possible)
  • Trail 4: Wirtshalde (Length: 5 km,asy, classic and skating)
  • Trail 5: Osterwald (Length: 5 km,asy, classic)


Climb to 1060m² - In our climbing hall, eXXpozed Dietmannsried, you can expect a lot of fun, action and challenge.

Something unique and exciting - an impressive climbing tower aprroximately 18m high.

And we have up to 7.5m overhang indoors. In the covered 360m² outdoor area, you can climb our walls in nice weather and enjoy the sun and fresh air. A total of 116 climbing routes are waiting for you - from the 3rd to the 11th level, whether in the lead or on one of the Toprope routes. You can even find "real stone routes" on our climbing walls. If you don't have a climbing partner, with our Auto Belay System from Perfect Descent, you can conquer some of our routes also in Toprope. And if you don't have your own equipment yet or have forgotten some of it at home, we can offer you rental equipment at affordable prices. Alternatively, you can purchase them in the store next door (Mon - Sat 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.).


Every Wednesday from 8.30 am to 1:00 pm in the church square.

The 11 vendors come faithfully week after week to sell their fresh goods. There is a wide range of fruit and vegetables, meat and sausage products, cheese and dairy products, baked goods, eggs, and honey. If you need a snack, you can choose from all the choices at the Berger snack stand.


The Forum Allgäu Kempten is the largest shopping center in the Allgäu with 90 speciality shops and approx. 23,000 square meters of sales area. As a family center, shopping and adventure meeting place, the Forum Allgäu, located in the heart of the city of Kempten, has established itself as a popular meeting point for everyone in the region. With its unique and wide variety of offerings, the Forum Allgäu Kempten provides all visitors a very attractive range of products under one roof. "

Forum Allgäu Kempten
August-Fischer-Platz 1
87435 Kempten



  • Trail 1:

Dietmannsried - Schwarzenbach - Illerdamm - Reicholzried - Reicholzrieder Moos - Dietmannsried


  • Trail 2:

Reicholzried - Kiesels - Haldenmühle - Sachsenried - Sachsenrieder Weiher - Heusteig - Schorenmoos - Hesselstall - Reicholzried


  • Trail 3:

Sachsenrieder Weiher - Sachsenried - Veiten - Maierhof - Bock - Sommersberg - Veiten - Sachsenrieder Weiher


  • Trail 4:

Käsers - Schorenmoss - Kraiberg - Schoren - Burgus - Hörensberg - Schoren – Käsers


  • Trail 5:

Schrattenbach - Naiers - Pfefferhof - Ittelsburg - Falken - Falkenwald - Hintergsäng - Schilchern - Hinterhalde – Schrattenbach


  • Trail 6:

Schrattenbach - Hinterhalde - Ehwiesmühle - Finstersteig - Osterwald - P 851 - Bärenwies - Kapf – Schrattenbach


  • Trail 7:

Probstried - Wirtshalde -  Albus - Unterniederwang - Ehmanns - Reutacker - Todtenberg - Gschlavers – Probstried


  • Trail 8:

Überbach - Sandbühl - Gemeinderied - Buchen - Probstried - Haslach - Bschlags - Langenzeil – Überbach



Halch, Buching, and Trauchgau impress with their unique location. Spectacular mountain panoramas, numerous lakes, the connection to a large hiking area and a history shaped by the Wittelsbachers ensure numerous attractions. The royal family loved the area of ​​the Ammergau Alps, went on numerous excursions and hikes here and maintained the Kenzen area as a hunting ground for centuries. You can still hike in royal footsteps today.


Füssen plays a leading role in the Allgäu hiking trilogy. As a portal location, the city starts one of nine regional stories. In the land of the fairy tale king Ludwig II - how could it be otherwise - the adventure space around Füssen is called "Schlosspark". The castles he built and dreamed of are just one highlight of the new long-distance hiking trail in the Allgäu. Hiking through the themed area Schlosspark also means feeling the sound of an aristocratic landscape and following legendary tracks. The landmarks of the hiking trilogy can be discovered in and around every portal or stage location along the route. They each tell their own story - but nothing more has been revealed yet! Directly from Füssen you can get to both the Wasserläufer route and the Himmelsstürmer route.


Pfronten - A place of wide horizons: Pfronten is located in the middle of an imposing landscape. The sky touches the earth here. The imposing mountain range allows for an infinite horizon. Unhindered you can let your gaze wander freely over the landscape, which resembles an oversized castle park, and enjoy moments of bliss.

Pfronten at the intersection of the Wasserläufer and Himmelsstürmer routes. The numerous lakes in the undulating Alpine foothills are just as inspiring as the rugged peaks of the Allgäu and Tyrolean Alps. The two routes run through the trilogy rooms “Castle Park” and “Summit Worlds”. So to the mountains, follow the call of the mountains and are very close to the border between heaven and earth.

Discover the history of Pfronten up close on the 4.8 kilometer circular route. Beginning at the starting point directly at the guest house, the tour leads through the spa gardens with the old hammer mill to the Hörnle. From the Hörnle hill, the view sweeps over the Pfrontener Valley. Information signs give an insight into the history of the place and the farmers. A few meters below is the parish church of St. Nikolaus - the landmark of Pfronten. The path leads back to the starting point through the Berger Moos and over part of the Pfrontener moor path. You can find the route in our interactive tour portal and under Walks & Adventure Trails

Markt Nesselwang

Nesselwang forms an interface between the Alps and the foothills of the Alps in a unique way. Mountains, gentle hills, and proximity to the many lakes enable unique landscape experiences again and again. With themed trails, such as the GE (h) ZEITEN, the market town encourages you to pause, find yourself, and gain strength in peace.


Oy-Mittelberg is the center of the fragrance experience in the Allgäu. PRIMAVERA, a leading manufacturer of natural cosmetics and aromatherapy, has established itself as a market leader. Exquisite compositions are offered in the Bühler coffee roastery. In addition, there are the smells of fresh hay and wood processing. Depending on the season and wind direction, one can experience a wide variety of scents all at once. Oy-Mittelberg thus becomes a real challenge for the sense of smell.


The area around Rettenberg not only offers numerous legends and stories, but also many huts and vantage points that bring the term “window into Allgäu”  through the various panoramic vistas to life.


The small community of Burgberg can look back on a great history of mining. The ore mining in nearby Grünten supplied the forges and foundries in the region. The ore mines first appeared in historical documents in 1471 but mining was stopped in 1859. The importance and economic influence of the mines was almost forgotten until the ore mine adventure world on the Grünten opened in 2006.


In 2005 Sonthofen received the title “Alpine Town of the Year”, an award for cities that implement the goals of the Alpine Convention in an exemplary manner. This was the cornerstone for the further development of the city in terms of sustainable management. In the meantime, Sonthofen has become Germany's southernmost “fair trade town” and is setting milestones throughout the Allgäu in terms of sustainable development and fair trade.


Blaichach and the Gunzesrieder Valley are known for a high variety of herbs as well as the care and transmission of knowledge about the use of herbs. Whether on the high alpine meadows or in the herb garden - the valuable plants can be found everywhere. The following rule of thumb applies: the higher you get, the more diverse the species. Not all of them can be picked, like wild oregano or yarrow. Many species in the Gunzesrieder Valley are very rare, such as arnica and cat's paw, and are not allowed to be disturbed.




Rottachspeicher (Kempten)

The Rottachtalsperre, also called Rottachsperre, Rottachspeicher or Rottachsee, is a 4.8 kilometer long Rottach reservoir with a circumference of 12.8 km and an area of ​​296 hectares in the Oberallgäu district, Swabia, Bavaria, approx. 15 kilometers south of Kempten, in the municipality of Sulzberg.

  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Surfing
  • Biking

Forggensee (Füssen)

The Forggensee, also known as the Roßhaupten reservoir, is a reservoir through which the Lech flows, near Füssen in Königswinkel in the Bavarian Allgäu. With an area of ​​15.2 km², the lake is the fifth largest lake in Bavaria and the largest reservoir in Germany

  • Summer toboggan run
  • Hang Gliding
  • Forest adventure walk
  • Surfing
  • Sailing
  • Kite surfing
  • Rowing
  • Wakeboarding

Bodensee (Lindau)

Lake Constance is a 63 km long lake in the foothills of the Alps between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The lake, fed by the Rhine, consists of two interconnected parts, the Untersee and the larger Obersee. There are numerous vacation spots around the lake. In summer there are good conditions for sailing, windsurfing, and swimming. The Lake Constance bicycle path is 260 km long, going all the way around the lake.


The Hopfensee is an approximately 2.1 kilometers long lake with a circumference of 6.8 kilometers north of Füssen in the district of Ostallgäu, Bavarian Swabia, Bavaria. With its entire area of ​​1.84 square kilometers, it belongs to the urban area of ​​Füssen, but borders on the municipality of Hopferau with its west bank.


Neuschwanstein Castle – Füssen

Open Air Stage – Altusried

At first glance, it appears to be a community that can be found everywhere in southwest Germany.

But if you follow the Riedbach southwards, the view suddenly changes. Already from a far you can see the famous open air theater. Like a huge bat wing, its cantilevered wooden roof spans a grandstand that can accommodate no less than 2,500 spectators.

Every three years, the famous heroic epics are performed. Here, among others, Andreas Hofer defies Napoleon, Robin Hood roams the Sherwood Forrest, Wilhelm Tell lies in wait for Landvogt Gessler, and the Maid of Orleans leads the French to victory against the English army. The Altusrieder fight for freedom with body and soul. Around 600 volunteers work in front of and behind the scenes - and have done so since 1879.

Since then a lot has changed in Altusried. But there is still only one real protagonist: the population themselves. The townspeople are a tight-knit group and an exclusive theater community. Their mission: to entertain people with passion and professionalism to ensure great moments and unforgettable experiences. They are able to combine tradition with modernity in order to keep creating something new.

Open-air plays, musicals, and fairy tales are staged every three years. In between there are also operas, operettas and concerts. The reward for the work: the enthusiasm of the audience who come from all parts of Europe to this special cultural highlight.


The Breitachklamm is a gorge created by the Breitach in the Allgäu. It is located at the exit of the Kleinwalsertal near Tiefenbach, a district of the municipality of Oberstdorf. It is - next to the Höllentalklamm - the deepest gorge in the Bavarian Alps and the deepest rocky gorge in Central Europe.


The Eistobel is a gorge of the Obere Argen river in the Westallgäu between the village of Schüttentobel and the Argentobel bridge, which connects the towns of Maierhöfen and Grünenbach.